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The Privacy Newsletter
#005 - October 2021
Privacy news that you shouldn’t miss. Short, sweet, and to the point.
I just learned about Session messenger. Finally, a good messenger that doesn't require a phone number or real identity. Connect with me via this "session": 0512bdc753a7127650ebb16b69e3d3145bf78d67b61aa9d3d3b31f69db25fb1870 :) If you happen to find good content we should add in the next issue, please email me.
What happened in the last month

You probably read about this already, but for those who missed it. Frances Haugen, who worked as a product manager on the civic misinformation team at Facebook, appeared on Sunday on the CBS television program "60 Minutes," revealing her identity as the whistleblower who provided the documents that underpinned a Wall Street Journal investigation and a Senate hearing on Instagram's harm to teen girls.
Android phones collect more data by volume, but iPhones collect more types of data, a research paper published last week by Trinity College in Dublin says. Read the paper (in PDF).
The series will cover essential privacy knowledge that everybody should know. The first one is about the threat model. Written by Douglas Crawford.
New privacy apps

Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that minimizes sensitive metadata, designed and built for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from any form of surveillance. Find out how their privacy compares to others.
Super customizable enhancements for browsing. The cool thing is that it does it all locally on your device—no sketchy profiling of their users. One downside, it auto accepts cookie popups. See their guide for more info.
When a tab closes, any cookies not being used are automatically deleted. Keep the ones you trust (forever/until restart) while deleting the rest. Available for both Chrome and Firefox. For devs: GitHub.
We all know the Brave browser, but now there is also Brave Talk. It's powered by the open-source software Jitsi. They probably have a good deal with 8×8 who provides the service.
News from Simple Analytics

A new blog post by Tim: "It's 8 AM. Your free sleep cycle alarm wakes you, and you check today's weather on your phone. By the time you've posted a beautiful sunrise picture with your morning cup of coffee on Instagram, your actions have been tracked, recorded, stored, and sold." Read further.
New features in Simple Analytics

Since the beginning of our iOS app, we have allowed blocking of your own visits. The blocking didn't work yet for customers who used our custom domain feature. If you enable blocking, it now stops those visits as well. Thanks to Frederik Dudzik from about:blank.

Thanks for reading! Cheers, Adriaan.
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