A hot month for ChatGPT, and lots of new privacy apps

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The Privacy Newsletter
#012 - May 2023
Privacy bites you want to sink your teeth into.
Hey! It's Adriaan here, returning to you from Amsterdam. My day typically commences at a local coffee shop (not the type you might assume) before I make my way to the office. This setting is excellent for concentrating on projects such as our newsletter. I hope you enjoy this issue!
What happened in the last month

ChatGPT AI faced privacy issues in Italy resulting in changes to its data processing. The European Data Protection Board created a task force to examine the legal issues, and the European Parliament classified generative AIs like ChatGPT as high risk. Investigations are ongoing.
The European Parliament Committee rejects the US adequacy decision on April 13, citing issues with bulk data collection, retention rules, and transparency. Despite this, the decision is expected to pass in the Commission, with potential legal challenges in the future.
The European Public Prosecutor's Office investigates the use and sale of military-grade spyware in Greece, amid wider concerns over State actors' use of Pegasus. The Greek government is accused of using Predator spyware to monitor politicians and journalists, and of selling licenses to foreign countries.
Irish Data Protection Commissioner may suspend Facebook's EU-US data transfers, leading to a potential EU-wide Facebook blackout, says IAPP.
The European Commission lists Facebook, TikTok, Google, and more as "very large" online platforms and search engines under the Digital Services Act, with stricter rules around transparency and content moderation.
Privacy NGO noyb files complaints against German political parties for illegally micro-targeting voters via Facebook during 2021 elections, citing GDPR protection of political views.
EDPB task force reports that Google Analytics' IP anonymization option and encryption are insufficient to protect personal data, as stated by previous DPAs.
Meta changes privacy policies for Facebook and Instagram platforms to use "legitimate interest" as a legal basis for targeted advertising, after EDPB decision and Irish watchdog's fine.
UK privacy watchdog fines TikTok £12.7M for insufficient age verification, as platform fails to remove children under 13.
Facebook (now Meta) pays $725M to settle a class action over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with US residents between 2007 and 2022 eligible to apply. Submit your claim here.
New privacy apps

A website that shows you how you experience the web today, it's not great. Made by Guangyi Li, thanks Guangyi!
Reader mode, an often-overlooked feature in web browsers, can help eliminate the clutter of ads, notifications, and cookie prompts, providing a more enjoyable reading experience without having to install extensions.
The Mullvad Browser is a Tor-developed privacy-focused browser that minimizes tracking and fingerprinting, providing an alternative to browsing with more privacy. It is open-source and free to use with a their VPN.
Protect user privacy with Aptabase Analytics, offering anonymous session tracking and no user identification or pseudonymisation. Simple to use with lightweight SDKs and a built-in dashboard.
With ente, you can protect your photos and videos with secure, end-to-end encryption and automatic backups in original quality. Collaborate on albums and share with loved ones.
PrivateStorage is a cloud storage platform designed with privacy and security in mind. They offer client-side encryption, accountless authorization, and a privacy-enhancing payment system called storage-time.
A security-first, open-source password manager for collaboration, designed for organizations that prioritize security and privacy. Supports on-prem and cloud install. GDPR-compliant and 100% open source.
News from Simple Analytics

Analytics can help optimize sites for better conversions and higher revenue. A guide to tracking user movement, user engagement and effectiveness of your campaigns.
April update: Simple Analytics grows towards 1M ARR. Adriaan's vacation, new Amsterdam office, Ankit joins the team, SEO focus, improved documentation, blog translations, and better April numbers.
New features in Simple Analytics

We understand how important it is to stay informed about the changes we make to our product. That's why we're excited to introduce our new changelog! With this log, you'll be able to keep up to date with all the updates, bug fixes, and new features we're rolling out.

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