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The Privacy Newsletter
#008 - September 2022
Privacy news that you shouldn’t miss. Short, sweet, and to the point.
This issue covers companies removing social logins from their websites, Instagram being fined over children's data privacy, and new privacy apps. If you happen to find good content we should add in the next issue, please email us.
What happened in the last few months

The Facebook button is disappearing from websites as consumers demand better privacy. Dell isn't alone. Other big brands, including Best Buy, Ford Motor, Pottery Barn, Nike, Patagonia, Match and Amazon's video-streaming service Twitch have removed the ability to sign on with Facebook. It's a marked departure from just a few years ago, when the Facebook login was plastered all over the internet, often alongside buttons that let you sign in with Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.
Some children reportedly upgraded to business accounts to access analytics tools such as profile visits, without realising this made more of their data public. Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) said: "We adopted our final decision last Friday and it does contain a fine of €405m".
A new report examing the impact of Apple's privacy feature, App Tracking Transparency, indicates Apple's ads business appears to have financially benefitted as a result of the feature's launch.
Asked about state and local police accessing millions of people's geolocation data without warrants, an Arkansas prosecutor recently said Americans have given up any reasonable expectation of privacy when they use free phone apps—and that those who object belong to a "cult of privacy." Well, count me in. I am a proud member of the cult of privacy, and I want to bring you into the fold.
New privacy apps

Last Monday Lockdown Mode was released on iPhones and iPads running iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. This feature is a response to the Pegasus spyware, made it possible for hackers to access your information on Apple devices, resulting in a lawsuit from Apple. Apple help article.
OpenAudit is an open source platform to audit apps, services, and websites. They define audit as proving claims through references and independent verifications. As Simple Analytics is moving towards open-source, we are excited to work with OpenAudit to make our business more transparent.
PreCloud is a new app that encrypts your files before you upload them to any cloud service. This way, even if the cloud service is hacked, your data is safe. PreCloud is available for iOS and Android. Built by Penghui Li.
To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids some fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.
News from Simple Analytics

We wrote a blog about Vodafone & Deutsche Telekom who recently started trials with Trustpid to reintroduce persistent user tracking.
The first blog by our intern Carlo Cilento. 2022 has been one hot year in data protection so far, with supervisory authorities ruling against Google Analytics left and right. Carlo tried his best to update you on all the current events, but even for us, it's hard to keep track of it. Here is an overview of the lengthy data transfer affair starting from Schrems II in 2020 until today. This is meant to provide a better understanding of where we are now and maybe catch a little glimpse of where we're headed.
New features in Simple Analytics

Exciting news, our public script just got a massive update. We are now at v10. Most updates were in v9 including features to ignore metrics, add metadata to events and page views, overwrite path, and much more.
Simple Analytics developed a feature where you get alerts via email when an SSL certificate is about to expire. We usually send out two emails, one four days before the expiry date and another one day before the expiry date. That gives you and your team some time to renew the certificate before it's too late.

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