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The Privacy Newsletter
#009 - October 2022
Privacy news that you shouldn’t miss. Short, sweet, and to the point.
I got help from Carlo Cilento, our legal content hero, for this issue. He also created the privacy monthly blog post with a more extended version of the articles below. Please email us if you find good content we should add in the next issue.
What happened in the last month

On October 7th, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order laying the foundations for a new Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Framework. The new framework will likely face legal challenges in the EU Court of Justice.
On October 4th, the European Commission approved the final version of the Digital Services Act. The Regulation applies to online platforms and intermediary services. It lays out rules for transparency and accountability, especially concerning content moderation, targeted advertising, and the provision of illegal goods and services.
On September 16th, the European Data Protection Supervisor requested the Court of Justice to invalidate part of the recently amended Europol regulation. The Regulation was amended in June to authorize wider processing of personal data by Europol.
In a high-profile case, the Court of Justice held that a German law prescribing bulk data retention from telecom providers to combat serious crime was incompatible with European law.
On October 3rd, the Irish DPC announced that it drafted a decision on a significant Facebook data breach and submitted it to the EDPB. The draft decision follows an own volition investigation sparked by media reports of the breach.
After consultation with the EDPB, the Irish DPC fined Meta Platform Irelands Ltd. € 405 million for non-GDPR compliant processing of personal data from children's accounts.
Preemption is at the heart of the debate in US Congress over the proposed federal privacy bill. Some US States are reluctant to give up their existing privacy legislation in favor of a new federal legal framework.
New privacy apps

DuckDuckGo announced a new browser for mac. It's based on macOS Safari and claims to be private, fast, and secure. They included a few anti-tracking features and password management tools.
The privacy-first messaging app works with or without internet access, cellular data, or trust in the network. It's based on IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open.
Codeberg is a collaboration platform and Git hosting for Free and Open Source Software, content, and projects.
End-to-end encrypted Swiss vault for your files that protects your data. By the makers of ProtonMail.
News from Simple Analytics

Multiple EU Member States have declared Google Analytics in violation of GDPR. Is Google Analytics now illegal in Europe?
Google Analytics is sunsetting universal analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4. But how compliant is GA4 really?
Everything you need to know about the do's and don't regarding data transfers under the GDPR.
The concept of deceptive design plays an essential role in our digital lives, but what is it exactly, and how can you spot it?
New features in Simple Analytics

I'm super super excided about this feature. With the new chart, you can select intervals, drag to select periods, toggle trend lines, toggle week numbers, toggle annotations, and more.
We changed our affiliate program. You can now earn a 50% commission on all new paying customers you refer to Simple Analytics for their first year. We also added an excellent menu to your account settings. It's so much easier to find what you're looking for now.

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